Growing up is tough. You can find refuge here.


My name is Angela. My daughter Ashley is 16.

Ashley was bullied when she was 12 and has been bullied off and on over the years.  She has scars on her arms and in her heart.  Ashley is one of the lucky ones though.  She had been given a foundation of love and support as a young child.  She was able to overcome and she is a survivor.

Not everyone is as fortunate.  Some take their own life.  Some are killed in the process of being bullied.  Most begin to believe what the bullies are telling them.  That is where things need to get turned around.

I am here to offer support and encouragement.  I’m here to tell you that YOU are not alone.  You just aren’t.  And just to get past you thinking I am too old to understand, there will be guests posts from victims that have become survivors.

Be encouraged.


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  1. Just found your blog in the Think Positive/Mental Health Blogger group… You are truly doing an awesome job on this blog. My daughter, also, is 16 and has been bullied and now she is being tested for Bipolar. My heart breaks for all the struggling she has had to go through. I will most definitely tell her about this blog and I am following you! Much ❤ to you and your daughter.

    • Thank you so much Jamie! Please tell your daughter she is not alone. If you would like to connect her with my daughter, just let me know. :

      For what it’s worth – I think all 16 year old exhibit bipolar symptoms. LOL….be careful not to let her use any labels she might “diagnosed with” as an excuse not to handle life’s circumstances with courage and wisdom. 🙂 It’s very hard to parent teens – hang in there!

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