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It’s okay to just breath

ImageHello to a beautiful generation of young people.

 Growing up in today’s society is so very hard.  I say that not because I am in your shoes, but because I see you struggling; and I am here to tell you that you will be okay! I know that I know that I know this!

God did not put you on this earth to watch you suffer.  He put you here to fulfill His purpose.  Let me be honest with you dear one, life is just plain hard sometimes.  It doesn’t make sense, and we feel stuck and alone.  It seems like at times we have no direction to go.  We feel numb, abandoned, lost.

Listen to me…..”YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” Sometimes it is okay to just breath.  If you need a direction to go – look upward.  Talk to God like He is your only hope, because He is.  It may seem like He left you alone with your struggles, but infact He is holding your hand.  He is allowing this struggle because He needs you.  He needs you to be strong and get through this because someday…..maybe sooner than later……someone else will be hurting; and you will be the one to say “I know how you feel, and you will be okay”

Hang on my love…..hang on tight.  It’s going to be okay!  We need you in this world!


Nick Vujicic- Love Without Limits-Bully Talk

Seriously – what’s YOUR excuse?

The Power of Words

Did you know (of course you realize) that the tongue

(Borrowed from
So very true.

doesn’t have any bones in it.  Not one.  How is it then that the tongue can do more

damage than any other part of the body? Without moving a muscle we can wound

someone deeper than the shards of a knife or the force of a clenched fist. Physical

wounds hurt but will heal with time. They are visibly treatable and can be physically monitored.

But words……they seep into the very depths of our soul.  They are like a

parasite. Quite often words can sink so deep that we don’t know they are affecting us.

Until one day, reason not understood, they resurface.

………“Loser”, “Fat”, “Stupid”, “Ugly”, “Retard”, “Freak”……..

It’s painful just to read those reads isn’t it?

Let me ask you this, if Satan were physically visible to the human eye, and he were standing face to face with you, would you trust him? Would you believe his words? Would you have lunch with him? I would think not!  So why would you listen to his words when he is using them in such a sneaky way? Satan is very sneaky. He knows how to get into your head.  Understand this my young friend,


Don’t give him the satisfaction.  

If you need help please use the resources I offer below.

You are not alone!  This is not the way life is meant to be. This world needs you!  I need you to hold on!

Contact me if you don’t know where else to turn.



Things need to change

When I was in second grade I had to get glasses.  No one else in my class had them.  As it was I had a profound overbite.  I did not need something else to draw attention to myself.  Yet there I was.  The only kid in my class with “four-eyes”.

In the fourth grade – I got bloody lips.  These two girls would follow me home (I had to walk about 5 blocks).  When they caught me one time, they hit me and split my lip open.

I got cornered in bathrooms, laughed at about things that I didn’t do, shoved, picked on and singled out.

It’s something we all have had to endure at some point in our lives.  It’s been that way for decades.


We can no longer stand aside and watch these things happen!  We have got to start getting involved.  It really does not take much.  If we are driving down the street and there are kids ganging up on another kid, we need to stop.  Those kids are not going to hurt us.  If we are afraid they might, pull over and watch them while you call the police. We can’t just look at this as “kids being kids” anymore.

To a young person that is bullied, just a smile or kind word can make a huge difference.  I’ve posted before that words indeed do hurt, they can also lift up.  YOUR WORDS COULD SAVE A LIFE.

Let’s not stand aside and watch anymore.  We can make a difference.

Bullying – it has to stop.

I am so sick of hearing about all the bullying going on in our society today.  It seems like every kid is bullied these days at some point in their young life.

This past weekend I read a story about a young boy that lost his life following a beating he received on the playground at his school.  You can read about it here;

I heard a song today that I think every young person should hear and really take to heart.  Please take a listen and share it with anyone you know that could use a lift.  If we all work together – we can literally save lives.

I plan to use this page to life up an encourage victims of bullying.  You will read testimonies from kids who have endured and become stronger through it.

Who do you know that we can help?

Ashley was bullied.  Ashley has cut, and she contemplated suicide.  She is a survivor. And you can be too.
Ashley was bullied. Ashley has cut, and she contemplated suicide. She is a survivor. And you can be too.

Take some time to listen to this song by Brit Nicole

Take heart and know YOU are loved!